The Best Colognes For Men and Women By Ajmal in 2022!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Best Colognes for Men and Women

Oath Cologne for Him

Oath Cologne has a fresh summery vibe that is created by the unique yet familiar fragrances of citrus fruits, melons, and other fresh fruity notes that perfectly tip the floral middle notes that are composed of Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, and Iris - the season’s brightest flowers. The base notes are earthy and woody with fragrant woods like Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber, Musk, and Tree Moss. These fragrances blend together to create a long-lasting cologne that is perfect for a gentleman over 25. It is one of the best colognes by Ajmal USA.

This fragrance has a remarkable scent that is perfect for the summer and spring seasons. It is suitable for any occasion during the daytime. The aroma of Oath Cologne will change the way you feel about yourself!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Orange, Lemon, Plum, Bergamot, Apple, Blackcurrant, and Melon

Middle notes - Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender, and Iris

Base notes - Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber, Musk, and Tree Moss

Blu Cologne for Men

Blu Eau de Cologne is an adventurous scent with herby accords of Lavender, Bergamot, and the juiciest Watermelon fruit. The fragrant florals like Lotus and Jasmine have a beautiful redolence with oceanic scents and a heady sensual aroma. Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk offer a masculine fragrance that grounds the perfume of the floral and fruity accords of the Blu Cologne. The Blu Cologne has a fresh scent that is clean and crisp - like the refreshing ocean waves. It is suitable for young men over 20 who love a good adventurous scent. It can be a good ‘first fragrance’ for young adults, as it has that clean and fresh scent with a moderate sillage. Women who indulge in a good masculine fragrance can also wear it, making it one of the best colognes for men and women.

Blu Cologne is very outdoorsy, and it is perfect for the daytime for casual occasions and fun outings with family and friends! 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Watermelon, Lavender, and Bergamot

Middle notes - Lotus and Jasmine

Base notes - Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk

Aristocrat Cologne for Men

Aristocrat Cologne for Men is a sophisticated fragrance for men with a classy taste in life. It opens with a unique scent of Watermelon which is elevated by the citrusy Bergamot and Lime. The middle notes comprise glamorous white flowers like Lily and Jasmine, which are interlaced with the sensually animalic Musk accord. The floral scents give it a wonderful redolence which balances the sharpness of the citrus and the heady base notes that are created by the perfect blend of Agarwood, Musk, and Amber along with the earthy green notes of Patchouli and Amber. This classy blend makes it one of the best colognes  for any man over 25. Aristocrat Cologne for men is a versatile fragrance that is suitable for work, casual outings, and even for a date night!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Watermelon, Bergamot, and Lime

Middle notes - Musk, Lily, and Jasmine

Base notes - Agarwood, Patchouli, Musk, Amber, and Cedar

Chivalry for men

Chivalry for men is a wonderful Eau de Cologne with luminous notes that are made of Grapefruit, and Bergamot laced with the feisty Pink Pepper and the Heady Gardenia. The theme of White flowers is celebrated further in the middle notes comprising Freesia and Jasmine. The Rose and Geranium offer a sharp facet that elevates this cologne to whole another level. This perfume is special for its mossy and earthy accords that are made of a beautiful blend of Vetiver, Cedar, Oakmoss, and Patchouli. Chivalry is a Fragrance that is perfectly well-suited for men who are over 25. It offers a wide range of fragrance notes that will keep you energized for a long time! Chivalry is perfect for any occasion and can be worn at any time of the year. It is one of the best colognes by Ajmal USA. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Bergamot, and Gardenia

Middle notes - Geranium, Rose, Freesia, and Jasmine

Base notes - Vetiver, Cedar, Oakmoss, and Patchouli

Colognes For Men and Women

Aqua Cologne for men

Aqua Cologne for men is a calming fragrance with nature’s best scents like Bergamot, Geranium, Musk, Lavender, and Pepper which are beautifully layered over the earthy accords of Patchouli and Vetiver. The Ambergris brings out the fresh aquatic fragrance that remains the star of this perfume from start to finish. Aqua Cologne has a refreshing scent that will keep you covered - quite literally, for a very long time!

It has a decent and fresh scent that is suitable for men of any age, who love a good aquatic fragrance with subtle floral accords. Aqua Cologne is one of the best colognes in our collection. It is suitable for daytime, especially during the warmer months of the year. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus fruits like Bergamot and Geranium

Middle notes - Musk, Lavender, and Pepper

Base notes - Gentle woody accords, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Ambergris

Mystery Cologne for Men

Mystery Cologne is a beautiful Chypre from the design house of Ajmal. With the zesty and green citruses like Bergamot, the herby and aromatic Thyme, the cooling and woodsy Cedarwood, and the Earthy Patchouli. The Thyme in the middle note makes the perfume shine through and envelops you in a mesmerizing fragrance. Mystery Cologne is a very modern green perfume that is suitable for men over 25. It has all the familiar scents of a beautiful garden or a green forest yet it remains mysterious staying true to its moniker. Mystery Cologne is perfect for the day. It is a good summer fragrance that can be layered with heavier scents during colder months. Mystery Eau de Cologne is one of the best colognes by Ajmal USA with exciting accords that make you stand out in any crowd!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes -  Citruses like Bergamot

Middle notes - Thyme

Base notes - Cedarwood and Patchouli

Cento Cologne for Men

Cento Eau de Cologne is an incredible leathery fragrance for men. Cento opens with fresh and spicy accords, similar to Neutron and Carbon. And as the day progresses, the aromatic notes are expressed, which gradually opens the leathery notes. The soft leather accord brings this cologne a special vibe that is further elevated by the mossy and woody accords. Cento is a sophisticated cologne suitable for men over 30, who appreciate the beauty of leathery and spicy accords in fragrances.

Cento is a good workwear cologne for the day and it is also suitable for casual evening occasions. Cento is suitable for any season, any time of the year, making it one of the best and most versatile colognes for men and women!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Fresh and Spicy accords

Middle notes - Aromatic accords

Base notes - Leathery, Mossy, and Woody accords

Gold Man Cologne for Men

Gold Man Cologne is an energetic citrusy and spicy fragrance for men. This luminous fragrance has the freshest notes of enticing citrus fruits like Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, and Orange, which multiple facets like tangy, sweet, and green fragrances. The spicy, Cardamom and Cinnamon in the base notes enhance the citrus notes and create a wonderful experience for you and everyone around you. This perfume is suitable for men over 20 and it is perfect for any season or occasion! Gold Man Cologne is one of the best colognes by Ajmal Perfumes. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Bergamot, and Mandarin Orange

Middle notes - Orange and Lemon accords

Base notes - Cardamom and Cinnamon

Colognes For Men and Women

Women’s Colognes

Entice 2 by Ajmal

Entice 2 by Ajmal is an enticing fragrance that has the wonderful redolence of exquisite florals. The fruity notes are invigorating and they perfectly blend with the Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli. The base notes are unique with animalic, gourmand, and earthy accords. The blend of these fragrances evokes feelings of innocence, femininity, and joy in the person who wears it and everyone around her. Entice 2 is a romantic fragrance suitable for women over 20. It is a beautiful date-night perfume that is also perfect to wear during the day. The floral and fruity accords make it suitable for warm weather and the Musk and Vanilla are beautiful in winters, making it a perfect perfume that you can wear throughout the year! It is one of the for women.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Floral accords

Middle notes - Fruity notes

Base notes - Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli

Regina Fruity Perfume for Women

Regina perfume is a magnificent fragrance fit for the queen. With exotic fruits like Passionfruit and Plum which give this perfume a tropical vibe, this fragrance opens up with a cheerful note. The oriental florals like Jasmine and Rose give the perfume a regal aura. Praline adds sweet and gourmand notes that invite you in for a sensual feast. The Amber is opulent and the Mahogany brings the fragrance together for a beautiful finish. This is one of the best colognes for women who love fruity fragrances. This is perfect for women over 25. This fragrance is youthful yet mature - perfect for a graceful woman. Regina Fruity perfume can be worn throughout the year for any special occasion - A perfect accessory for your outfit!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Plum, Jasmine, and Passionfruit

Middle notes - Rose and Praline

Base notes - Amber and Mahogany

Freya Amor Perfume for women

Freya Amor for women by Ajmal is an entrancing Eau de Parfum for women. It has all the essential fragrance notes to make it the best scent for the modern woman. It is a lovely perfume with fruity and spicy accords that gives the perfume a cheerful redolence. The Musky and fruity accords create an innocently seductive vibe around you and the Woody and Musky accords in the base notes balance the top and middle notes for that assured vibe! Freya Amore is a perfume that is best suited for women over 30. It is an elegant fragrance for women that can be worn any time of the year, making it one of the best colognes by Ajmal USA. You can wear it any time of the day, it is well-suited for daytime and evenings.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Fruity and spicy accords

Middle notes - Musky and fruity accords

Base notes - Woody and Musky accords 

Shadow for Her by Ajmal

Shadow for her is an eclectic fragrance for women who enjoy unique scents that make them stand out in the crowd! The fruit and floral facets of Lavender and the juicy Nectarince open the perfume beautifully for that bright opening that is grounded by the beautifully fragrant Rosewood note. The Patchouli in the middle note brings a certain earthiness to the perfume and the Orchid is sweet and green. The animalic Musk and Ambergris will surprise you with a sensual scent that mesmerizes you. Shadow for Her is one of the best colognes for women. It is perfect for women who are over 25. It is a perfect aromatic fragrance for cold weather and summer evenings. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Lavender, Nectarine, and Rosewood

Middle notes - Patchouli and Orchid

Base notes - Musk and Ambergris   

Raindrops for Women

Raindrops for women by Ajmal is an entrancing floral fragrance with beautiful floral accords that perfectly blend with the fruity, woody, and Ambergris accords, painting a picture of the first rain drenching the scorched soil and the blooms of the fragrant florals. 

Raindrops is a beautiful fragrance that can be worn by women and girls of any age, making it s must-have in your vanity. This is a summer fragrance perfect for the day. Raindrops is one of the best colognes with soft to moderate sillage creating a lingering scent so close to you that you will be enchanted by it!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Floral notes of roses, peonies, and Jasmine

Middle notes - Fruity accords

Base notes - Ambergris and woody accords

Blu Femme for Women

A fresh and adventurous fragrance for women by Ajmal with exotic accords like Aromatic Sage, Floral Rose and Jasmine accords, Woody Cedar and Moss, and the wonderfully cozy Cashmeran and Vanilla. The perfect amalgamation of these beautiful notes creates a sweet and warm scent that is perfect for the sophisticated women of the world. Blu Femme for women is an evening perfume with balsamic accords that can make any occasion special. Blu Femme creates an incredible aura around you that will keep you energized all day long. If you are someone who wants your presence known, it is also perfect to wear throughout the day. It has good longevity and sillage making it one of the best colognes by Ajmal Perfumes.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Sage and Rose accords

Middle notes - Cedar and Jasmine accords

Base notes - Moss, Cashmeran, and Vanilla

Signify Floral Perfume for women

Signify floral perfume is a magnificent fragrance with special florals, tropical fruit, and oriental accords. It is a special blend of spicy and floral accords in the top notes expressed through the wonderful Pink Pepper, Rose, and Jasmine, that are interlayered with the tropical blast of Pineapple and the woody fragrance of Cedarwood. The Sandalwood and Musk in the base notes create a warm redolence that brings the fragrance together. Signify is one of the best colognes for women who love a zesty fragrance for the day. It is crafted using the highest standards with the finest raw materials making it one-of-its-kind!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Pink Pepper, Rose, and Jasmine

Middle notes -  Pineapple and Cedarwood

Base notes - Sandalwood and Musk

Solace Spray for women

Solace is a beautiful Chypre for women who love vibrant fragrances to cheer them up but it also has the richness of Oriental accords that make an appearance as the day progresses. Interlaced between the citrus and oriental notes are the aromatic florals like Geranium and Lavender that imbibe a sweet, green, and herby aroma that is elevated by the Cedar, Amber, and Musk. The fragrance notes of Solace Spray for women create a magical experience for any woman who tries it for the first time. 

Solace is suitable for women over 25 who love a decent but unique fragrance. It can be worn during any time of the year and will make a perfect signature scent that you can wear to work!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus accords

Middle notes - Geranium and Lavender

Base notes - Cedar, Amber, and Musk

With this, our list of best colognes comes to an end. For more such interesting perfumes and more information about our collection of fragrances for men and women, visit Ajmal Perfumes’s website.

Colognes For Men and Women