10 Wonderful Aromatic Fragrances For This Fall by Ajmal Perfumes!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara

The Aromatic fragrance family is one of the eccentric perfume families (in a good way!). It is made of herby, fresh, woody, and green notes that express a great range of scents when blended with other fragrance accords while creating perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances. Aromatic fragrances are perfect for transition weather like fall, and early spring and some are suitable for winters. Ajmal’s perfumers created a variety of perfumes that capture the essence of Aromatic fragrance notes and result in a mesmerizing fragrance loved by everyone. Here are some of the Ajmal fragrances we think you will enjoy!

Aromatic Fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes

Before you read about our best-selling Aromatic perfumes, here is everything you need to know about the Aromatic Fragrance family. 

Aromatic scents have a characteristic green, spicy, herby, and intense fragrance profile that is usually expressed in perfumes through notes like Lavender, Sage, Basil, Thyme, Cumin, Geranium, etc. If you notice the recurring theme of culinary aromatic staples, you are not wrong! Most Aromatic fragrance notes have a strong scent that can be distinctly noticed in the fragrances they are made of. Here are the sub-families of the Aromatic fragrance family.

Aromatic Aquatic 

Most commonly found in men’s fragrances, Aromatic Aquatic notes have the fresh scents of the ocean and aquatic life like Sea greens, Ambergris, and so on.

Aromatic Fougere

Aromatic Fougere scents are green and aromatic scents that belong to the Fougere or Fern fragrance family that are reminiscent of forests, and Lavender fields.

Aromatic Fruity

This sub-family consists of fruity notes of exotic fruits that have a sweet and tangy scent.

Aromatic Green

Aromatic Green notes are comprised of grassy, fern-like, and herby impressions that remind you of familiar scents like freshly-cut grass, and wild plants.

Aromatic Spicy

Aromatic spicy notes consist of spicy accords that are fresh, slightly bitter, and green, like cardamom and mustard.

Accord Boise

Accord Boise is an exciting perfume with intense fragrance notes that have a unique sharpness that is initiated by the pepper in the top notes. The coffee in the top notes adds a burst of freshness and lingers on your skin for a long time. Sage and Incense accords add an ethereal touch that uplifts your spirit and creates a beautiful aura all around you. Accord Boise is a masculine fragrance in which aromatic accords are grounded with the help of Patchouli and Ginger accords. The unique notes in Accord Boise create a bitter and aromatic perfume that is suitable for mature men who are at least over 30. It can be worn during any time of the year but it is perfect for colder and drier months where the longevity of the perfume is increased. You can wear it for any occasion, it is even suitable as an evening perfume, intimate enough for a date night!

Aromatic accords in Accord Boise are Sage and fresh Ginger - Aromatic Spicy.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Pepper and Coffee accords

Middle notes - Sage and Incense accords  

Base notes - Patchouli and Ginger accords

Blu Femme

Blu Femme  by Ajmal Perfumes is an alluring fragrance for women. It has a wonderful aromatic scent that is felt immediately after you spray it on your skin, as the perfume opens with an aromatic Sage note that is perfectly balanced by the delicately sweet Rose in the top notes. The floral Rose note initiates the heady Jasmine note which evokes a sense of sensuality. The perfume gradually turns woody as the Cedar note appears in the middle notes which elevates the Moss and Cashmeran in the base notes as the perfume transitions from sweet to woody and woody to sweet with the expression of the gourmand Vanilla in the base notes of this multifaceted perfume. This Eau de Parfum is one of the best aromatic fragrances, that is expressed in layers, making it a unique experience for you and everyone around you.

Blu Femme is a daytime perfume that is suitable for the outdoors, especially crafted for those humid and hot summers to keep you fresh and enthusiastic for a long time. This vibrant fragrance is perfect for women over 20 and under 40!  The distinct aromatic accord in Blu Femme is Sage - Aromatic green cologne.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Sage and Rose accords

Middle notes - Jasmine and Cedar accords

Base notes - Moss, Cashmeran, and Vanilla accords

Santal Wood

Santal Wood is one of the best-selling niche perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes. It has Agarwood and Santal Wood as the star notes but the supporting notes in the top, middle, and base notes of this Eau de Parfum create an interesting vibe that evokes a beautiful sensation of regality. The spicy Cumin, Cardamom, and Ginger notes in this perfume are complemented by the florals like Marigold, Rose, and Jasmine. The woody notes like Cedar, Sandalwood, Agarwood, and Patchouli create a magnificent scent that perfectly blends with the spicy and floral accords in this perfume.

Santal Wood is an androgynous perfume suitable for men and women over 25. This fragrance is perfect for any time of the day and during colder months of the year when the spicy and woody notes keep you warm. Aromatic accords in Santal Wood are Cumin and Ginger, creating a spicy aromatic note!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Cumin, Marigold, Cardamom accords 

Middle notes -  Rose, Jasmine, Cedar, and Ginger accords

Base notes - Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Agarwood accords

Carbon for men 

Carbon for men is a sophisticated men’s perfume by Ajmal with notes of Lavender and citrus in the top notes that are expressed as sweet, herby, and zesty scents that are refreshing to behold. Violet and Clove in the middle notes create a beautiful spicy and floral scent that blends with the top notes to balance the woody and musky base notes. The sweet and warm elements are perfectly balanced in this remarkable fragrance which is characteristic of aromatic perfume. 

Carbon Eau de Parfum is a decent perfume to wear whenever and wherever. This is a perfume that is suitable for young men over the age of 20. It has a moderate to soft sillage that makes it perfect for everyday and office wear. These aromatic fragrances have a majestic redolence that keeps you wanting more!

The aromatic accord in Carbon for men by Ajmal Perfumes is Lavender - Fougere Aromatic.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Lavender and Citrus accords

Middle notes - Violet and Clove accords

Base notes - Musk, Woody notes, and Patchouli accords

Aromatic Fragrances

Mystery Cologne

Mystery Eau de Cologne is a fresh and clean masculine scent that opens with crisp notes like Citrus, Thyme, and Bergamot in the top and middle notes. The base notes are green and woody with the wonderful Patchouli and fragrant Cedar. Mystery Cologne is reminiscent of the most beautiful scents of deciduous forests that carry the fragrance of the greenery and sensual woods in the soothing breeze of the cold forest wind. It has a long-lasting scent and soft sillage, which makes it suitable for indoors, so you can wear it to work and other casual occasions. This perfume is perfect for any season and any time of the day, especially during the summer. Mystery Eau de Cologne is suitable for men over 25, although it is loved by men and women alike!

The aromatic accord in Mystery Eau de Cologne is Thyme - Spicy Aromatic.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Citrus notes accords

Middle notes - Thyme and Bergamot accords

Base notes - Patchouli and Cedar accords

Aqua Cologne

Aqua Cologne is an aquatic and aromatic fragrance for men by Ajmal Perfumes. The Citrus and Lavender accords in the top notes create a refreshing opening that is enhanced by the powdery and subtly sweet floral scents. The zesty vibrance from the Bergamot note is perfectly balanced by the green, bitter, and slightly sweet Galbanum that created an exotic aura all around you as long as the middle notes linger. The base notes are beautifully fragrant woods that are interlaced with the green and earthy Vetiver and the Oceanic Ambergris notes. They create a fresh image of a relaxing day at the beach with the wind of adventure across your face.

Aqua Cologne is a ‘close to skin’ scent that projects up to 4 hours and remain on your skin for a long time. It has a soft sillage that trails around you and keeps you fresh even in humid weather as all the fragrance notes in this Eau de Cologne are suitable for warm months. It is suitable for young men over 18. The aromatic notes in Aqua Cologne are Lavender and Galbanum - Green aromatic.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus, Lavender, and fresh flowers accords

Middle notes - Bergamot and Galbanum accords

Base notes - Gentle woods, Ambergris, and Vetiver accords

Free Spirit

Free Spirit is one of Ajmal’s best-selling aromatic fragrances with exhilarating scents that stay true to its moniker. The strongly aromatic scent of Basil sets the tone for the perfume by introducing a green, herby, and fresh scent that is complemented by Bergamot and Grapefruit. The middle notes are spicy, bitter, and sharp with Nutmeg, Cardamom, Pepper, and Cinnamon and they blend perfectly with the top and base notes creating a mysterious aura that is assured with the presence of cooling woods like Sandalwood and Guaiac Wood. Free Spirit embodies an adventurous and carefree persona that seeks the beauty of nature. It is the perfect Eau de Parfum for men who have an eclectic taste in fragrances.

Free Spirit is a perfume with strong projection and lasts longer on your skin. It has a moderate sillage and is perfect for daytime or as evening wear perfume. It is a perfume that is suitable for any season of the year and it perfectly complements your body’s natural scent by adding a touch of mystery to you! It is suitable for men over 30, who can appreciate spicy and aromatic scents without feeling overpowered by them. The aromatic accords of Free Spirit are Basil and Nutmeg - Spicy Aromatic.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Basil, Bergamot, and Grapefruit accords

Middle notes - Nutmeg, Cardamom, Pepper, and Cinnamon accords

Base notes - Sandalwood and Guaiac Wood accords

Aromatic Fragrances


Sierra Eau de Parfum for women is an enchanting scent for women who love Aromatic fragrances with fruity and floral notes. This perfume has citrusy top notes that are created by an amalgamation of Sweet Lemon, Lime, and Orange accords, and the berries have a sweet and tangy scent that is balanced by Rose, Lavender, and Geranium, which are bright and fragrant. The White Musk in the middle notes extends its fragrance to brighten the aromas of the cooling Cedar and the warm Sandalwood. These marvelous notes come together to create a symphony of a beautiful fragrance that swirls around you like a fascinating air of freshness.

Sierra Eau de Parfum by Ajmal Perfume offers a unique experience with a tropical fragrance that is perfectly suitable for women over 20. It is a youthful fragrance perfect for summer, but I can see it working in winters too with the woody and aromatic aspects making it versatile for any season. Sierra has a moderate sillage that gets softer as the day passes and it has a good, long-lasting projection, which makes it perfect for everyday wear!

The aromatic accords in Sierra are Lavender and Geranium - Floral aromatic.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Sweet Lemon, Lime, Berries, and Orange notes

Middle notes - Rose, Lavender, Geranium, and White Musk accords

Base notes - Cedar and Sandalwood accords


Wanderer Eau de Parfum has a musky, woody, and leathery base which is delicately layered with the aromatic and floral Freesia and Lily-of-the-Valley. These woody and floral scents blend together perfectly creating a masculine fragrance that is brightened with the help of citrus accords in the top notes. Wanderer Perfume has familiar aromatic fragrances that uplift your spirit to give you an inspiring day. 

Wanderer is a perfume that is suitable for the summer months. It can be worn at any time of the day and is perfect for any occasion. Wanderer is an energetic scent suitable for men over 20 and it is also suitable for women who love masculine and powdery fragrances with Musk and Amber. It has a strong projection that lasts for a long time and the sillage is strong to moderate but won’t be too overpowering on people around you.

Amber and Freesia are the aromatic notes of Wanderer Eau de Parfum, making it a masculine Floral aromatic.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus accords

Middle notes - Freesia, and Lily-of-the-Valley accords

Base notes - Musk, Leather, Amber, and Cedar accords

Zeal for men

Zeal Eau de Parfum is another wonderful Aromatic perfume for men by Ajmal Perfumes with an amalgamation of Chypre and aromatic accords. The refreshing nature of citrus fruits creates a beautiful scent that is interlayered with aromatic middle notes and earthy base notes that create a wonderful scent that everyone loves!

Zeal Eau de Parfum is a scent that anyone can wear and it is perfect for summers where the freshness of this fragrance helps to boost your confidence. It has a strong projection and moderate sillage making it perfect for business and casual occasions.

The Aromatic notes of Zeal for men are Lavender, Pine, and Geranium.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Bergamot, Lemon, and Orange accords

Middle notes - Lavender, Geranium, and Pine accords

Base notes - Patchouli and Vetiver accords

These are some of the Aromatic fragrances by the design house of Ajmal. We hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we enjoyed curating this impressive list. For more information about these perfumes and more such interesting fragrances for men and women, take a look at the Prestige Collection by Ajmal Perfume’s USA on our website.

Aromatic Fragrances

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