The Mastery of Fragrance Application: A Guide to Perfumed Elegance

Written by: Chaitanya Nimmala.

Imagine walking into a room and leaving a trail of enchanting scents that captivate everyone around you. The allure of a perfectly applied fragrance is undeniable. At Ajmal Perfumes, we understand the magic that a well-chosen scent can bring to your life. In this blog, we will discuss the science behind fragrance application and share expert tips for making your signature scent truly unforgettable.  you've discovered a wonderful perfume that fulfills all of your fragrance expectations. It makes you smell like a million dollars, is ideal for date night, or evokes the feeling of a beach vacation. Finding the ideal perfume, though, is one thing; making the most of it is a completely different art. If you apply it incorrectly, you will have the best possible odor for an hour or two. However, if you follow these tricks, your fragrance will last all day long and remain powerful.  

Tricks to make your fragrance last longer 

Apply Perfume after shower: This is a common practice that most individuals engage in without realizing it. The aroma will adhere to your skin and be better expressed even several hours after you apply perfume if you do it after washing yourself. The main reason for this is that taking a shower will wash away all the filth and oil that has accumulated on your skin, and doing so will improve how the fragrance interacts with your skin and lengthen the duration of its perfume.

The Role of Moisturization: it's a crucial element: moisturization. Dry skin can lead to the swift evaporation of fragrance molecules. To counter this, he suggests applying a layer of moisturizing lotion or oil before spraying your chosen fragrance. This layer provides a surface for fragrance molecules to adhere to, ensuring a longer-lasting and more pronounced scent.

Strategic Pulse Points: The video takes a deep dive into the art of selecting pulse points for fragrance application. Costa suggests key areas like the biceps, groin, behind the knees, and top of the foot as prime locations. He further elaborates on classic points such as underneath the ears and wrists, sharing that these areas release warmth to amplify the scent's projection.

Mastering the Spritz: Alex Costa recommends an artful balance when it comes to spritzing. His advice is clear – five strategic sprays are often sufficient for most fragrances. Yet, he acknowledges that different scents may demand variations. He even highlights the appeal of spraying the back of the neck to leave a captivating trail as you move.

Fragrance on Fabric: The video broaches the topic of spraying fragrances on clothing. While fragrances are designed to mingle with your skin's chemistry, Costa acknowledges that they can linger longer on fabric. He advises caution when choosing fabrics, recommending avoiding those prone to staining, like silk. Spraying your scent on clothing can extend its longevity throughout the day.

Look for a fragrance with a higher concentration: Perfume oils are scents that are the purest version of a fragrance combined with a carrier oil to make it simpler to apply. They have the highest concentration. It offers the strongest projection and the longest sillage because it contains up to 40% fragrance.

Apply perfume on cotton swabs: For quick touch-ups throughout the day, spritz cotton swabs with your perfume and tuck them away in sandwich bags inside your bag. Cotton swabs are far simpler to transport in a handbag than an entire perfume bottle.

Apply perfume on tissueTo make your clothes and towels smell fantastic, line the drawers of your dresser with tissue paper and spritz them with your preferred fragrance.

Prepare with a little Vaseline on your skin: Before spraying your perfume, dab some Vaseline on your pulse point. The petroleum jelly's ointment aids in preserving the aroma. To seal in the aroma and make it last longer, you can also use an unscented moisturizer.

The Art of the Don'ts: Costa also shares invaluable 'don'ts' for fragrance enthusiasts. Avoiding overspraying is paramount. A cloud of fragrance can be overpowering and discourage people from approaching. He also discourages misting and rubbing wrists together after application, as these actions compromise the fragrance's composition.


Alex Costa's video is a true celebration of the science and artistry behind fragrance application. His expertise aligns perfectly with Ajmal Perfumes' commitment to crafting scents that enchant and endure. To truly unlock the magic of fragrance, embrace the wisdom shared in the video and explore our Gold and Blanch collections, curated to make every moment unforgettable. As Costa aptly suggests, let your scent be your signature, a reflection of your style and sophistication.