The Best Luxury Perfumes For Men and Women in the World!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Perfumes are one of the subtle but strongest ways of self-expression. Perfumes for men and women, which were once associated with royalty and aristocracy now became a staple in everyone’s vanity. From men's and women’s perfumes to a large variety of unisex fragrances and an equally exorbitant amount of mists and splashes, perfume is everywhere around us!

Although they have been around for a very long time - the creation of the perfume dating back to 3000 BC, their popularity only increased with time. We now see a generation of people who appreciate these perfectly crafted fragrances and wear them mindfully. Some even get their signature scent custom-made for them! 

Let us delve deeper into the world of perfumes and know about the origins of perfumes for men and women.

Best Luxury Perfumes

Perfumes for men and women  

The first generation perfumers made sure that there is a great distinction between Perfumes for men and women. Perfumes for women were mostly made from scents associated with them like the warm and sweet smells, so their fragrances were made with floral, fruity, and sweet-smelling essences. Whereas perfumes for men were made with musky, woody, and spicy elements that ‘supposedly’ smell like - well men! 

Perfumes are made with a precise blend of concentrated aromatic oils in alcohol. The ratios of these two elements determine the strength and durability of a fragrance while the aging process of the perfume determines the nature of the scent.

The art of perfumery evolved with time and the preferences of the people have drastically changed which lead to the creation of unisex perfumes in the late 90s. These unisex perfumes appeased everyone unlike the categorical perfumes for men and women. Later, with time, the fine line between perfume for women and perfumes for men slowly faded away as the choice of fragrance is led by personal preference rather than following pre-conceived norms. 

Although perfumes for men and women are mainly marketed with the concept of ‘ attraction’, ‘seduction’, and ‘masculinity/feminity’, it is ones’ own natural body scent that enhances the perfume and vice-versa. With this knowledge in mind, we at Ajmal create fragrances that celebrate every person in every wake of their life.

Perfumes for men

The creation of specific Perfumes for men is a relatively new concept. For centuries perfume industry catered only to unisex perfumes or perfumes for women and the first commercial men’s perfume ever made was in 1934. Till then perfuming was something specific to the wealthy and the women. The first perfume for men designed by Ernest Daltroff, the founder of Caron himself, Pour Un Homme ( it literally meant ‘for a man’) paved a path for a variety of men’s perfumes. 

Perfumes for men, which are usually referred to as Eau de Colognes ( EdC) and Eau de Toilettes (EdT) are formulated with 5% to 10% aromatic compounds like concentrated oils in ethyl alcohol. These EdCs and EdTs behave according to various factors like body temperature and metabolism. Both perfumes for men and women are expressed according to the wearer’s skin.

The aromatic compounds used in men’s perfumes, especially the base notes are usually musky, woody, leathery, and animalic. These accords perfectly complement the body chemistry of men. Central notes and top notes could be anything from citrus to tobacco scents. Some men also prefer floral and fruity elements in their perfumes for that light and refreshing vibe. We at Ajmal Perfumes have created suitable perfumes for men for the whole spectrum. 

Perfumes for women

Perfumes for women were the backbone of the perfume world for a long-time. Perfuming was a part of women’s everyday routine since the beginning of civilization and smelling good was considered lady-like. We have all heard the stories of queens bathing in exotic perfumes and how Femme Fatales use the art of perfuming to manipulate men into changing the course of history! Perfumes have always been a powerful part of women’s stories from all around the world.

The choice of fragrances for making perfumes for women and men (eventually) also has an interesting story. Supposedly the first generation of perfumers took inspiration from how the women used to smell. As perfumes were first made for nobility and royalty, they were inspired by the elements in the lives of noblewomen like flowers, fruits, and essences like myrrh, and frankincense. Even among the working class, as a woman’s job was to tend to gardens and cook food, those were the scents they were associated with. So, women’s perfumes were made to smell sweet and entrancing. Floral, fruity, and sweet aromas have always dominated women’s perfumes.

Gradually, oriental perfumes for men and women became a crowd favorite and now women prefer heady and refreshing fragrances that last longer. From the first ‘essential oil mix’ made for the queen of Hungary in the 1300s to a variety of Edps, mists, and veils we use now, women’s perfumes came a long way. Ajmal Perfumes has a wide range of products that would mesmerize any woman and would help her find her perfect perfume.

Most Perfumes for women are Eau de parfums (EdP) and Parfum de toilettes (PdT) which unlike men’s perfumes are highly concentrated and have a stronger and intoxicating smell. EdPs or PdTs have a concentration of 10%-20% of aromatic compounds hence the long-lasting smell. These aromatic essences interact with the skin and elevate both the woman’s and the perfume’s fragrance. 

What makes our perfumes the best perfumes for men and women?

Ajmal Perfumes - being one of the leading producers of oriental perfumes and luxury fragrances, is mainly focused on creating exceptionally unique perfumes that would appease even the pickiest perfume connoisseurs in you. There are various things we do right to bring your favorite perfume into the market. Here are some things that make us the best perfume producer.


All our perfumes, starting from our perfumes for men and women to our most luxurious unisex collection, are carefully crafted with priceless raw materials that are sourced from all around the world. From rare Agarwood essences to aromatic floral oils, everything is made in-house at our perfumeries. We have experienced noses who curate various one-of-a-kind fragrances that are known for their opulence and versatility.


Along with using ingredients of the highest quality and expertise from experienced perfumers, our state-of-the-art technology helps in maintaining quality and hygiene throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Our perfumes for men and women and unisex fragrances all come in top-notch packaging that resonates with luxury and also keeps the perfumes fresh for a very long time.


Perfumes are supposed to make you feel special and it just has to happen in a spritz. The opulence of our perfumes doesn’t only come from our expensive raw materials but also from the process. Our professionals use the best extraction processes that increase the endurance of our fragrances and perfumes for men and women and thus envelope you in a wonderful and luxurious perfume experience.


We at Ajmal Perfumes use sustainable and ethical practices in our perfumeries, at every step of the process. We take extra care while sourcing rare raw materials to avoid any imbalance in the ecosystem due to exploitation. In 1979, we have launched a massive afforestation program in India to promote the cultivation of over 10 million Agarwood and Sandalwood trees. All our perfumes are environmentally friendly. 

Best Luxury Perfumes

The story of Ajmal Perfumes

Founded in Assam, India, in the early 1950s by the late Haji Ajmal Ali, Ajmal Perfumes' inspiring story is that of 'A Farmer to a Perfumer.' Initially, he started blending exquisite perfumes for men and women that were marketed with his own family name and were supplied to the Middle East, and by the mid-70s the company grew and became well-known.

Ajmal Perfumes gradually developed from a humble business into a multi-million dollar enterprise within a few decades because of Late Haji Ajmal Ali's vision and his unwavering dedication to the art of perfumery. 

Today, Ajmal's family-owned business, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is guided by the passion of the second and third generations of Ajmals, each of which has played a significant part in the brand's development and expansion to the global clientele.

Ajmal Perfumes is a brand with a long history built over seven decades of experience and expertise in the complex art of perfumery. We are now working towards creating more innovative and sustainable practices in the craft of making perfumes for men and women. 

Our mission is to reach a wider and more diverse clientele by developing meaningful relationships with them. We as a team continue to uphold our values of excellence, integrity, and partnership. 

Our perfumes are magic!

From the origins of how our perfumes for men and women were made to their composition, these fragrances are exceptional and intricate. The best aspect of perfumery is the effect they have on us, and when you think about it, it is no less than any magic!

Fragrances have the ability to change our emotions, they can help us associate with a situation or a person, and perfumes can also evoke memories. So, when we tell you that perfumes can make you fall in love, especially with yourself, we are not lying! 

 Don’t believe us? Try Ajmal perfumes and tell us we are wrong.

Here are some of our best-selling collections of perfumes for men and women.

Purely Orient collection

Purely Orient collection by Ajmal Perfumes is a truly enchanting and unique collection of bespoke fragrances that celebrate the rich history of Ajmal’s expertise in the art of making oriental perfumes. Purely Orient collection has fragrances like Amber, Saffron, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cashmere, Musc, Santal, Tonka, and Incense. These rich and familiar fragrances take you on a mesmerizing journey to the oriental past. 

‘W’ Series

The ‘W’ series or Wood series by Ajmal perfumes is a celebration of the intense fragrances of aromatic wood like Amberwood, Sandalwood, and Agarwood or Oudh as it is most commonly known. This luxurious line is intricately interlaced with concentrated essences of the highest quality. Perfumes like Amber Wood, Rose Wood, Santal Wood, Incense Wood, Hatkora Wood, and Amber Wood Noir are a part of this collection. These are specially made as perfumes for men and women and are perfectly suitable for both.

The Ajmal ‘M’ Series

‘M’ series or Musc series is a beautiful amalgamation of deep musky notes with rich and refreshing fragrances that perfectly complement each other. This entrancing fragrance line has perfumes like Amber Musc, Violet Musc, Cuir Musc, and Cashmere Musc.

Along with these signature collections, we have a variety of perfumes for men and women with fruity, musky, floral, spicy, and leathery fragrances that entice you and everyone around you.

Go through our selection of the carefully curated list of Perfumes for men and women and let us know what you think.