The Best Christmas Fragrances for Men and Women by Ajmal Perfumes

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

It is the season to bring out our Best Christmas fragrances!  Ajmal Perfumes USA offers exclusive deals on fragrances for men and women this festive season. 

Ajmal has a huge collection of winter perfumes and fragrances for gifting this year. Our perfumers created a variety of special fragrances for festive wear with opulent accords created by woody, spicy, and animalic scents. 

Here are some scents that beautifully capture the joy of Christmas.

Resinous accords 

Resinous fragrance substances have a rich and deep scent that perfectly complements the heaviness of the winter. Amber, Myrrh, Incense / Olibanum, and Styrax are some of the most commonly used resins in fragrances. Frankincense and Myrrh are best known to everyone as two of the presents the three wise men bring for the baby Jesus. Frankincense is also a part of various religious rituals, making it a special scent that can uplift your spirits this Christmas. 

Gourmand notes

Gourmand fragrance notes remind us of the sweet scents of all the delicious food we have this festive season. Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies, Caramel, Almonds, Peppermint, and other sweet and creamy notes in fragrances remind us of the times we share a wonderful Christmas meal with our loved ones and keep us satisfied. 

Woody scents

Woody and green scents are reminiscent of the Christmas foliage, the Christmas tree, and the deciduous woods in the winter. Woody accords like Cedarwood, Agarwood, Birch, Orris, and Vetiver impart an assured scent to the wearer.

Leather accords

Leather is one of the popular fragrances for men and women this winter, it has a warm, nutty, and animalic scent that is suitable for anyone over 20. If you are looking for a fragrance profile that makes you feel classy and confident, Leather perfumes are perfect for you. 

Spicy and Herby notes

Spicy and herby accords create an electrifying energy all around you and are perfect for special occasions. Notes like Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, and herbs remind you of everything Christmas!

Christmas Fragrances

Best Christmas Fragrances

Incense Wood 

Incense Wood by Ajmal Perfumes USA is a luxurious Eau de Parfum that has unique fragrance notes of refreshing spicy and citrusy accords in the top notes, complemented by the smoky and rich resinous scents of Incense, Olibanum, and Cashmere Wood in the middle notes. Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli in the base notes leave you and everyone around you mesmerized.

Incense Wood is a fragrance crafted for both men and women and is perfect for every special occasion in your life. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Pink Pepper, Saffron, and Bergamot

Middle notes - Cashmere Wood, Incense, and Olibanum accords

Base notes - Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli

Oudesire Oriental

Oudesire Oriental is a magnificent oriental fragrance with a romantic floral opening. The elegance of the Rose is perfected by the sensual scent of Jasmine and Orange Blossom. Bergamot and Ginger accords add a wave of feisty scent that is mellowed down by the presence of fruity accords like Raspberry and Black Currant. The base notes comprise deeply rich fragrances like Agarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, and Amber.

This fragrance is one of our perfect fragrances for men and women over 20!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Jasmine, Bergamot, Rose, and Orange Blossom

Middle notes - Raspberry, Ginger, and Black Currant

Base notes - Agarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, and Amber

Qafiya 01

Qafiya 01 is an energetic Oriental fragrance by the design house of Ajmal. This is one of the best Christmas fragrances in the Qafiya 01 series. The floral, spicy, and citrusy vibe in the top notes hits your senses like a celebration. The oriental accords in the middle and base notes envelop you in an adventurous scent that makes you stand out in any crowd.

Qafiya 01 is a special perfume that can become your signature fragrance. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Rose, Saffron, and Orange Blossom

Middle notes - Woody notes and Amber

Base notes - Musk, Woody accords, and Patchouli

Cuir Musc

Cuir Musc is the most perfect amalgamation of traditional oriental accords with contemporary fragrance accords. Leather and Musk are the star notes in this elegant perfume, these base notes are layered with the earthy Oakmoss and Tobacco accords and the refreshing Watermelon and Raspberry. The fragrance of Cuir Musc is a perfect party-wear perfume this Holiday season. 

It is one of the best fragrances for men and women from the Ajmal Signature Collection.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Watermelon and Raspberry

Middle notes - Oakmoss and Tobacco

Base notes - Musk and Leather

Amber Wood

Amber Wood is a refreshing scent that has a glamorous balsamic allure with a wonderful scent suitable for everyone. Orris and Cedar in the middle notes exude a pleasant scent that is elevated by earthy Patchouli and aromatic Amber in the base notes. 

This fragrance is a versatile perfume suitable for any time of the day and every season. It is one of our best Christmas fragrances on sale this festive season.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Apple, Lavender, White Pepper, and Cardamom

Middle notes - Orris and Cedar

Base notes - Patchouli, Amber, and Woody notes

Aurum Winter

Aurum Winter by Ajmal Perfumes is a lovely women’s fragrance with a tantalizing scent that captures the beauty of the winter and the joy of the Holiday season. This daytime perfume has zesty fragrance accords that are perfect for the winters. The fragrance of Aurum Winter is something that stays with you long after she is gone! 

It is one of the best winter women’s fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes and is perfect for the special woman in your life.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus notes and Fruits

Middle notes - Floral Notes and Amber

Base notes - Moss, Musc, and Amber

Dahn Al Oudh Atheer

Dahn Al Oudh Atheer is an ethereal fragrance with entrancing Agarwood and spicy accords. This perfume blooms as the day progresses and swirls around you like a fragrant breeze of revitalizing scents. This fragrance is the perfect present for someone who loves a good Oriental fragrance. It is a beautiful journey to the orient!

Fragrance notes 

Agarwood and Spicy accords

Cashmere Musc

Cashmere Musc has a captivating aroma of the finest Saffron accord intricately woven with Musk and Cashmeran accords. Patchouli and Cedar add a refreshing green scent that transforms your day. Layered between the top and base notes, the romantic floral notes of Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, and Ylang-ylang give this perfume an element of surprise!

This winter perfume is one of the best Christmas fragrances by Ajmal. Cashmere Musc is a must-have in your vanity this Holiday season!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Saffron and Musk

Middle notes - Musk, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Ylang-ylang

Base notes - Musk, Cashmeran, Patchouli, and Cedar

Amber Santal

Amber Santal is a dazzling beauty with eclectic fragrance notes like Cypress - with its spicy and green scent perfectly blend with Nutmeg and Cypress. Incense accord in the middle notes adds a smoky fragrance that piques the curiosity of everyone around you. Patchouli and Cedarwood express an earthy and woody scent for that brilliant fragrance of the forest. Sandalwood and Amber bring the perfume together for a lustrous vibe.

It is perfect for this Christmas!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Nutmeg, Pepper, and Cypress

Middle notes - Incense and Sandalwood

Base notes - Patchouli, Cedar, Amber, and Sandalwood

Mizyaan Fragrance

If you are looking for a good oriental fragrance this winter, Mizyaan is the perfect perfume for you. This perfume oil has an eccentric animalic scent expressed through Musk and Ambergris fragrance accords. The spice and floral accords add an enchantment that mesmerizes everyone around you. 

Mizyaan captures your charming personality and celebrates your presence. It is one of our best perfume oil fragrances for men and women.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Musk and Floral accords

Middle notes - Spices

Base notes - Ambergris and Woody accord

Amber Musc

Amber Musc is the perfect embodiment of that winter magic. The animalic scent of Musk and the richness of Amber puts you in the right mood for Christmas. Rose and Cedarwood accords add a unique dimension to this linear perfume.

This Eau de Parfum is perfect for every occasion and every season. This is the safest option on this list for a Christmas present for your loved ones.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Rose

Middle notes - Cedar

Base notes - Musk and Amber

We hope you enjoyed reading about our best Christmas fragrances. For more information about Ajmal Perfumes and our luxury fragrances, visit our website. Ajmal Perfumes USA wishes you and your loved ones a loving Holiday season and a Joyful Christmas.

Christmas Fragrances


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