MOM'S Signature Scent: Celebrating Mother’s Day With Ajmal's Luxury Women Perfumes

Written by: Chaitanya Nimmala.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're still wondering what to get for that special woman in your life, look no further. Ajmal luxury women's Perfumes, the leading perfume manufacturer and retailer in the USA has an exquisite collection of fragrances that make the perfect Mother's Day gift. This year, celebrate your mother's love and care with a scent as unique and beautiful as she is. In this blog, we'll guide you through our top picks from Ajmal Perfumes, ensuring you find the perfect fragrance to make this Mother's Day an unforgettable one.


Amaze has a beautiful yet fun aroma character, making it one of the ideal perfumes for women. The sillage of this scent is wonderful and elegant. It is ideal for wearing during the day and is appropriate year-round. Amaze is a woody, musky, leathery, fruity, flowery, and woody Eau de Parfum for men that has the most invigorating scent and is appropriate for both daytime and evening wear. This perfume provides a sophisticated and elegant window into the world of fruity and floral scents. The citrusy and sweet perfume of bergamot, mandarin orange, and orange blossom in the top notes is accentuated by the tropical notes of peach and fruit tea. The heart notes' rose accord offers a lovely fragrance that lingers on your skin. The straightforward balsamic notes of tonka bean and musk. This enchanting perfume is a unique blend of the best fruity and floral scents that put you in a refreshing trance. This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Orange Blossom

Middle notes: Peach, Fruit tea, and Rose

Base notes: Tonka Bean and Musk


Evoke silver for her

 Evoke Silver for Women has a more Fruity and Gourmand scent. The fragrance opens with an incredible top note of Bitter Orange. The middle note is made up of the majestic Rose while the base notes are of Vanilla, Tonka bean, and Sandalwood. The blend of these notes creates a sweet, floral scent that is perfect for women who want to feel confident and feminine.

These fragrances are presented in a sleek, silver bottle with a metallic finish that is both modern and stylish. The bottle design is simple, yet elegant, which is a reflection of the fragrance itself. The combination of the fragrance and bottle design makes this fragrance line a perfect gift for any occasion. These fragrances are versatile, elegant, and modern, making this combo a must-have in anyone's collection. Whether you prefer a citrus and woody scent or a sweet and floral scent, Ajmal Evoke Silver has got you covered. This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes of Evoke Silver for Women

Top Notes:  Bitter Orange

Heart Notes: Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, and Sandalwood 


Ajmal D’light is a luminous fragrance for women with exquisite fragrance accords that complement your dazzling personality. The scent of this Eau de Parfum is created by a beautiful blend of the most popular fragrance accords that are loved by everyone. 

D’light’s refreshing fragrance is crafted using the most luxurious Amber and Musk accords in the base notes. These notes impart a rich creamy scent with an aromatic nuance that swirls around you all day long. Layered on top of the animalic ambery accords are romantic florals like Violets and Orange Blossoms with an assured scent of Patchouli. The middle notes of this dazzling fragrance add a touch of elegance to the scent profile. The top notes are vibrant and unique with the refreshing accords of Bergamot and Olibanum. The citrus burst and the aromatic opulence of Olibanum beautifully blend together to create an incredible opening to this wonderful women’s fragrance. This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Bergamot

Middle notes: Olibanum

Base notes: Patchouli

Fiore Luminosa 

Fiore Luminosa is an exciting new fragrance from the online store of Ajmal Perfume USA. It is a women’s Eau de Parfum with versatile fragrance notes. This fragrance has a beautiful redolence of spring and its amazing scents. The top notes are crafted with the most vibrant citrus scent with bitter nuances  Bergamot exudes an energetic scent that wakes you up and refreshes you. The floral heart notes are composed of the most romantic flower notes with the brightest scents. The Rose note offers a delicate sweet scent that is elevated by the indolic fragrance of the heady Jasmine. The Orchid flower and Freesia have a subtle green scent with a honey-like sweetness. The freshness of the middle notes and top notes balance the deeply luxurious fragrance of the base notes. The base notes in Fiore Luminosa are intertwined with each other in a fragrant union. Vanilla and Musk exude a sensual scent that is balanced by the earthy and fragrant Patchouli and Sandalwood. The aromatic Amber accord brings the fragrance together with an illuminating fragrance. This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Bergamot and other citrusy notes

Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Orchid flower, and Freesia

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Amber


Aurum For Her

mother special perfume

For the stylish and modern mom, the Aurum for Her is the perfect gift. This bright and uplifting fragrance captures the essence of femininity, making it the ideal choice for a mother who is always on the go. The fruity top notes of raspberry and lemon are expertly blended with floral heart notes of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose, creating a perfect harmony of sweetness and freshness. The base notes of musk, amber, and vanilla add depth and warmth, ensuring this captivating scent stays with her throughout the day.

This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Raspberry, Lemon

Middle notes: Fruity Notes, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Spicy Notes

Base notes: Vanilla, Powdery Notes, Amber, Musk, Woody Notes


Oath for her

Oath for her is a scent that aims to capture the essence of a strong, independent woman who is not scared to follow her aspirations and take on the world. It is among Ajmal's greatest fragrances for women. Bergamot, Mandarin, and Apricot are the fragrance's top notes, which give it a fruity and fresh scent as it begins. Following this, the fragrance's heart notes of Orange blossom, Jasmine, and Tuberose add a floral and sensual touch. The warm and calming base notes of Vanilla, Musk, and Patchouli complete the aroma. Oath for Her is a multipurpose scent that is ideal for every situation. Both daylight and nighttime activities call for it to be worn. Its sillage is mild. This is one of the luxury women's Perfume

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Apricot, Bergamot, and Muguet

Middle notes: Tuberose, Freesia, and Orange Blossom

Base notes: Patchouli, Musk, and Vanilla


In addition to our top picks, Ajmal Perfumes also offers a wide selection of other luxury women's Perfumes, ensuring you can find the ideal gift for your mother this Mother's Day. Remember, the bond between a mother and her child is like no other, and Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude, love, and appreciation for everything she has done for you. This year, choose a gift that will truly touch her heart, and leave her feeling cherished and celebrated - choose Ajmal Perfumes.


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