Experience Luxury With The Best Fragrances of Ajmal Perfumes!

 Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

The fragrances of Ajmal Perfumes have been one of the best selling perfumes in the world. It is one of the prominent distributors of oriental fragrances and priceless perfumes for men and women. Ajmal fragrances are unique for their rare raw materials sourced from around the world, which impart quality and opulence to our perfumes and fragrances. Ajmal has the most talented perfumers who, through generations of expertise create exquisite fragrances that capture the beauty and importance of the ‘sense of smell’. Today we celebrate over seven decades of Ajmal’s history and many generations of expertise by creating special fragrances that will create a special place for us in the Fragrance industry.

The Best Luxury Fragrances of Ajmal

The grandeur of Ajmal fragrances is not unknown in the perfume industry. Our fragrances carry the spirit of the magnificence of the rich oriental perfumes that have been around for centuries. The inception of our brand is an inspiration for many who want to pursue the art of creating fragrances. 70 years ago, the late Mr. Haji Ajmal drew inspiration from the majestic Agarwood tree itself and created the highest quality Oudh (Agarwood oil) which was used in attars and mukhallats at that time. Since then, he perfected many attars and mukhallats and created new fragrances with the lustrous scents of oriental perfumery. As the business grew and expanded, the beauty of Ajmal’s oriental fragrance mesmerized the world. 

Now Ajmal Perfumes is inherited by the second generation of Ajmals, along with its integrity and values. Over the years, we have created hundreds of finest quality fragrances that spread  With collections of hundreds of Men’s perfumes, Women’s perfumes, and Androgynous fragrances, Ajmal perfumes have reached over 50 countries with over a thousand dealerships across the world.

Ajmal - The most popular scent in the USA

The fragrances of Ajmal Perfumes are celebrated in the USA for their unique oriental scents and alluring contemporary fragrances. Here are some of our most popular fragrance collections by Ajmal Perfumes USA.

Men’s Perfumes

The men’s perfume collection by Ajmal Perfumes is an incredible curation of classy and enthusiastic men’s fragrances. The fragrance notes of these men’s fragrances are specially and carefully chosen to evoke feelings of confidence and joy. From Eau de Colognes to Concentrated perfume oils, and top niche fragrances for men, Ajmal’s men’s fragrance collection has everything a man ever needs! Here are some of our best-selling and top niche fragrances for men.


Amaze is a fruity, floral, woody, musky, and leathery Eau de Parfum for men with the most refreshing fragrance, suitable for daytime and evenings. It is a long-lasting fragrance suitable all around the year.

Aristocrat Platinum

Aristocrat Platinum is a classy Eau de Parfum for men with citrusy, floral, woody, and oudh as main fragrance notes. It has a very masculine leather accord that brings the whole fragrance together for the perfect evening wear vibe!  Aristocrat Platinum by Ajmal - is the most popular scent in the USA.

Qafiya 02

Qafiya 02 is an oriental masculine fragrance for men with Bergamot and Rice Coffee opening that wakes you up, followed by spicy, woody, and mossy redolence. It has an interesting aura that keeps you fresh for a long time!

Evoke Gold for men

This fresh, spicy, aromatic, and woody fragrance for men is a personification of sophistication and power. Evoke Gold perfume is created to make the modern man feel royalty, yet it is perfect to wear to work and other casual occasions.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a citrusy fragrance with floral and oriental accords. It is a mysterious fragrance with intense accords that make you stand out in any crowd. 

Women’s Perfumes

Ajmal’s women’s fragrances are the epitome of femininity. Our women’s fragrance collection has sensual oriental fragrances, floral fragrances, Chypre fragrances, and more. These fragrances of Ajmal can make you feel special and elegant! Here are some of our women’s fragrances.

Aristocrat Femme Floral 

An elegant floral fragrance for women with summery fruits, sensual white flowers, beautifully fragrant oriental accords, and deep woody aromas that captivate people around you. With Aristocrat Femme Floral, you are the best-smelling woman wherever you may go!


A beautiful floral, citrusy, fruity, musky, and balsamic symphony that creates an entrancing scent that makes your days brighter and nights magical! Amaze Eau de Parfum for women is an incredible fragrance for the amazing woman in you.


The sweet tea-like fragrance of apricot opens the fragrance with a high note along with Lily-of-the-valley accord in the top notes. The citrusy middle notes perfectly balance the woody and powdery base notes creating an alluring vibe all around you! Oath by Ajmal - the most popular scent in the USA.

Qafiya O4

Qafiya 04 Eau de Parfum is a powerful oriental fragrance with spicy, fruity, and woody top notes, agarwood middle notes, and ambery, musky, and leathery base notes. This wonderful fragrance is perfect for every special occasion in your social calendar. 

Sierra for Women

Sierra for Women has a citrusy opening that freshens your day, along with floral and woody accords in the middle and base notes. This Eau de Parfum has a beautiful rose, geranium, and white musk. 

Signature Collection

Signature Collection of Ajmal Perfumes is a special collection of luxury androgynous perfumes for both men and women. Signature fragrance Collection is dedicated to our opulent oriental fragrances from Wood Series, Amber Series, Purely Orient Series, and Musc Series.  Shop Luxury Perfume on our website now!

Wood Series

Wood Series is a magnificent fragrance collection by Ajmal Perfumes with fragrances like Amber Wood, Hatkora Wood, Santal Wood, Rose Wood, Amber Wood Noir, and Incense Wood. It is a signature fragrance series dedicated to the opulence of Woody fragrances that are loved by many.

Amber Series

Amber Series has many regal fragrances and the star note is Amber - the golden-hued marvel of oriental perfumes. This series has majestic perfumes like Amber Poivre and Amber Santal, the perfumey renditions of Amber and Pepper, and Amber and Sandalwood essences.

Purely Orient Series

Purely Orient Series is a rich and intense series of perfumes whose notes originate in Oriental perfumery. Fragrances like Purely Orient Musc, Purely Orient Amber, Purely Orient Musc, Purely Orient Patchouli, Purely Orient Saffron, Purely Orient Santal, Purely Orient Tonka, Purely Orient Vetiver, and Purely Orient Cashmere are part of the Purely Orient Series.

Musc Series

Musc series is a commemoration of the ‘Musk’ fragrance note, which is a very prominent note in Oriental fragrances. The fragrance of the Musk series includes Amber Musc, Violet Musc, and Cuir Musc.  

Prestige Collection

A go-to collection of men’s and women’s perfumes for when you want to quickly choose a perfume for yourself or gifting. Prestige Collection is a curation of our best-sellers and the fragrances that stand out from the rest. Here are some of our Prestige Collection fragrances of Ajmal.

Evoke Silver Edition for her

Evoke Silver Edition for her is an interesting fragrance for modern women who love powdery and citrusy notes in their fragrances. This perfume has a floral heart, balancing the top and base notes.

Qafiya 01 for men and women

Qafiya 01 is a magnificent oriental fragrance for both men and women. The enticing fragrance of Qafiya 01 creates a mesmerizing aura of sophistication all around you. Something that lingers on your skin after a very long time.

Aristocrat Cologne

Aristocrat Cologne is an intriguing fragrance for men that is luxurious and decent. It is a gentleman’s fragrance, suitable for men over 25. Aristocrat Cologne is perfect to wear around the year and it is more beautiful on colder days and evenings. Shop Luxury Perfume on the Ajmal Perfume USA website.

Entice for her

Entice for her is a dazzling fragrance for the charming woman in you. The fragrance has a beautiful aroma that is a blend of floral, fruity, woody, and powdery accords, making it a perfect fit for summer and spring. This fragrance is suitable for women over 25.

D’light by Ajmal

D’light is yet another wonderful feminine fragrance for the elegant you! It is graceful with its subtle spicy, floral, fruity, and ambery accords. The fragrance of D’light Eau de Parfum is beautiful to behold!

Concentrated Perfumes and Oils

Concentrated Perfumes and Oils are luxurious fragrances of Ajmal made of oils of the highest concentration. These perfume oils have the longest-lasting scent among other types of fragrances. This collection also has fragrances like Dakhoon and Bakhoor, ambient fragrances for your homes and living spaces.

Dahn Al Oudh Saif Al Hind

The majestic fragrance of Dahn Al Oudh Saif Al Hind is the pure perfume oil extract of the priceless Agarwood, which is native to the eastern region of the Indian subcontinent. The grandiosity of Ajmal’s oudh is captured by this remarkable perfume oil.

Dahn Oudh Al Shams Special Edition EDP

Dahn Oudh Al Shams Special Edition Eau de Parfum by Ajmal is one of the best Agarwood fragrances with the highest quality Indian Agarwood essence. This fragrance has a multi-faceted scent with accords like oriental, animalic, powdery, pungent, sweet, and woody. This fragrance is a perfect fragrance for both men and women.

Dahn Al Oudh Maymun

This majestic fragrance has the most beautiful blend of Indian and Cambodian Agarwood which has a distinct fragrance suitable for men and women. This is a powerful summer fragrance that blooms with the warmth of the sun.

Dahn Oud Tahir

Dah Oud Tahir is a wonderful concentrated perfume oil with the fragrances of Indian and Cambodian Agarwood oil along with spicy and woody accords. It is perfect for daytime and evenings and can be worn throughout the year.

Dakhoon and Bakhoor

Dakhoon and Bakhoor are fragrances that are used for living spaces. Dakhoon and Bakhoor are perfumed wood chips that are soaked in perfume oil and can be burnt like incense to create a smoke infused with fragrance to fill your home. 

Ajmal 10ml Oil Perfumes

Ajmal 10ml Oil Perfumes are the perfume oil versions of the best-selling fragrances of Ajmal Perfumes. These have the best contemporary scents with the long-lasting techniques of oriental perfumes. 

Carbon Perfume Oil

Carbon Perfume Oil is a refreshing perfume oil with citrusy, green, and oriental accords. This perfume oil has the best fragrances that are suitable for young men who are over 25. This is perfect for any time of the day and the year.

Sacred Love Concentrated Perfume Oil for Her

A beautiful amalgamation of fruity, floral, citrusy, and oriental accords, creating a dazzling fragrance for women. Sacred Love Concentrated Perfume Oil for her is a long-lasting fragrance for the evening. 

Neutron for Him Perfume Oil 

A chypre perfume for men now with longer-lasting projection and sillage. This is perfect for summer as it keeps you fresh for more than 8 hours even in warm weather. Must-have perfume oil and EdP by Ajmal.

Sacrifice Concentrated Perfume 10ml Oil

Sacrifice Concentrated Perfume 10ml Oil by Ajmal Perfumes is a sensual fragrance for a woman who is confident and graceful. This perfume oil has a beautiful sillage that entrances everyone around you.

Aurum Perfume Oil for Women

Aurum Perfume Oil for women is a charming fragrance for women who love the blends of contemporary and oriental accords. This is suitable for women over 25 and is perfect for the day and evenings.

Special Offers

The Special Offers Collection of Ajmal Perfumes has a collection of perfume combos of luxury perfumes for men and women. Shop luxury perfumes at a sale price with our special offers collection.

Aurum and Evoke Silver for her

This is a perfect combo of fragrances for women for evening wear and daytime work wear Eau de Parfum.

Shadow Noir and Mystery for men

Shadow Noir and Mystery for men is a collection of two of our most unique men’s fragrances by Ajmal. 

Aristocrat and Oath for Men and Women

Aristocrat and Oath for men and women is a combo of exciting fragrances like Aristocrat Femme Floral Eau de Parfum for women, Aristocrat Cologne for men, Oath Eau de Parfum for women, and Oath Cologne for men.

Amber Wood and Rose Wood

These modern oriental fragrances have the best of both worlds, with a modern take on age-old perfume accords. Amber Wood and Rose Wood are two of our best-selling signature fragrances.  

These are some of the best fragrances of Ajmal that you will absolutely love. For more information about our fragrances, visit our website and follow us on social media.